My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish Series

Get ready for dangerously hypnotic, laugh-out-loud funny stories in this New York Times bestselling series written by Mo O’Hara and illustrated by Marek Jagucki.

When Tom’s Evil Scientist big brother dunks his goldfish, Frankie, into radioactive gunk, there’s only one thing Tom and his best friend Pradeep can do – zap the fish with a battery and bring him back to life! But there’s something weird about the new Frankie. He’s now a Big Fat Zombie Goldfish with hypnotic powers, who has appointed himself Tom’s bodyguard. Can Frankie, Tom and Pradeep, with a little help from their friends, thwart Mark’s Evil Scientist plans?

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My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish
Frankie was a Big Fat Zombie Goldfish and somehow he’d hypnotized my best friend’s sister!’ Tom’s big brother is an Evil Scientist who wants to experiment on Tom’s new goldfish, Frankie. Can Tom save his fish from being dunked in radioactive gunge?
The SeaQuel
When Tom saved Frankie the goldfish from near death (by zapping him with a battery), Frankie somehow became a big fat zombie goldfish with hypnotic powers. Now Frankie is one fierce fish with a mind of his own!
Fins of Fury
When Tom and his best friend Pradeep take Frankie on a camping adventure, they discover something seriously fishy going on in the woods and, for once, it’s nothing to do with Frankie. Could rumours of an escaped big cat on the loose mean the zombie goldfish has finally met his match?
Any Fin is Possible
When Pradeep and Tom take Frankie for a sleepover at the museum, history really does come to life as their evil big brothers try to reanimate the cursed Cat of Kings mummy. Dodging death-defying booby traps, can our fishy friend avoid becoming a mummified kitty snack?
Live and Let Swim
On a trip to the aquarium, something fishy starts going on. Something that almost certainly involves evil older brothers, a vampire kitten, a psychic octopus and a plot to take over the world! Can Pradeep and Tom help Frankie to swim another day, or will he come to a squiddy end?
Jurassic Carp
Frankie is good at saving the day, but can he become a real knight in shining armour during the medieval day reenactment joust? Then, can the school survive two BIG FAT ZOMBIE GOLDFISH? Find out when Tom's evil big brother manages to clone a Jurassic Carp!
My Big Fat Zombie Fun Book
Find the clues, solve the puzzles, avoid the traps, and help Tom and Frankie thwart Mark's latest evil plan in this entertaining activity book adventure!
The Fintastic Fishsitter
When Sami agrees to zombie-sit Frankie, her neighbor's BIG FAT ZOMBIE GOLDFISH, she is looking forward to fun afternoon in the paddling pool with her favorite "swishy fishy." Unfortunately, Fang, the mostly-evil vampire kitten, has a different idea. She's looking forward to a BIG FAT ZOMBIE GOLDFISH snack!