Fins of Fury

When Tom tried to save Frankie, his pet goldfish, from certain death at the hands of his evil scientist big brother, Frankie accidentally became a zombie goldfish with incredible hypnotic powers. He might be one fierce fish, but he’s a great pet to have on your side when your big bro’s hobbies include wedging you in the dog flap and generally trying to take over the world.

When Tom and his best friend Pradeep take Frankie on a camping adventure, they discover something seriously fishy going on in the woods and, for once, it’s nothing to do with Frankie. Could rumours of an escaped big cat on the loose mean the zombie goldfish has finally met his match?

In story two, something seriously weird is going on with Mark. He’s actually being . . . nice! As if this wasn’t worrying enough, Frankie’s been kidnapped! Can Tom and Pradeep find out what’s going on and rescue their fishy friend before it’s too late?

Selected Reviews

  • The Bookbag
  • January 2014
  • When this book arrived in the post my sons both let out such cries of delight you would have thought the new Playstation 4 had arrived rather than a paperback book. I keep hearing that children don’t like books as gifts, but even with the fortune I spent over Christmas, very few items got such a delighted reaction as this lovely unexpected surprise with the last of the Christmas post.

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Fins of Fury
Illustrated by Marek Jagucki
Published: Jan 2014
MacMillan Childrens' Books