Try out some of these fun activities, based on the books. 


Isolation Inspiration

Poems for social isolation by Mo O'Hara, Margaret Bateson-Hill, Dom Conlon and Chitra Soundar

ZGF Activity Kit_Page_1

My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish Activity Kit

Join in the fun with Frankie's very own activity selection!

Knit Your Own Frankie

Use the pattern below to knit a Zombie Goldfish of your very own. Feel free to change or adapt the pattern and use your creativity. Send in a picture of your crafty Frankie!

Stage your own Big Fat Zombie Play

Creating your own Big Fat Zombie Play is easy. Just follow these simple steps!

Fun Book Bake Off_Page_1

Fun Book Bake-Off

Help Pradeep complete the story of the Great Pet Treat Bake-Off!

Vampire Pet Activity Kit_Page_1

My Fangtastically Evil Vampire Pet Activity Kit

Fang has some games for you too - tread carefully!

How to Draw Romeosaurus and Juliet Rex Color_Page_1

How to draw Romeosaurus and Juliet Rex

Follow this tutorial and have a go!

Zombie Word Muddle (of the fishiest kind)

Unscramble the words to find the answers!

Mini Me Template - Mo O'Hara - More People to Love Me

Make a Mini Me!

Colour this in to look like you! Then you can put yourself in your own family tree or your own family forest. 😊

Fintastic Fish Coloring Pages_Page_1

Fintastic Fishsitter Colouring

Download these fun colouring pages!

Spot the difference

Can you spot the difference between the two images?


Create your own comic strip!

Read Tom and Pradeep’s Top Tips for Writing Comics, and try them for yourself!

Zombie Word Search

Have a go at our word search and see if you can find them all!