Books by Mo O'Hara

My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish

Get ready for dangerously hypnotic, laugh-out-loud funny stories in this New York Times bestselling series written by Mo O’Hara and illustrated by Marek Jagucki.

When Tom's Evil Scientist big brother dunks his goldfish, Frankie, into radioactive gunk, there's only one thing Tom and his best friend Pradeep can do – zap the fish with a battery and bring him back to life! But there's something weird about the new Frankie. He's now a Big Fat Zombie Goldfish with hypnotic powers, who has appointed himself Tom's bodyguard. Can Frankie, Tom and Pradeep, with a little help from their friends, thwart Mark's Evil Scientist plans?

Age 6+

My FANGtastically Evil Vampire Pet

My FANGtastically Evil Vampire Pet, the epic spin-off of Mo O'Hara's New York Times bestselling My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish series features an aspiring evil scientist, paranormal pets, and plenty of hilarious summer camp shenanigans.

Age 7+

Dino Classics Picture Books

In these two Jurassic Classic literary tales Mo O’Hara breathes life and humour ( and some dino dancing) into the well known stories of Romeo and Juliet and the young King Arthur in Romeosaurus and Juliet Rex and The Legend of King Arthur-a-tops. With Andrew Joyner’s playful illustrations, these books bring these classic tales to a new generation.

Age 4+

Picture Books

Mo O’Hara’s picture books have heart and humour. With talented illustrators Marek Jagucki and Ada Grey, Mo creates picture books that are meant to be shared and enjoyed together.

Age 4+

Agent Moose

Agent Moose, the best (worst) secret agent in the Big Forest, and his slightly-more-intelligent sidekick Owlfred are on the case in this new full color graphic novel chapter book series from Mo O'Hara, author of My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish, illustrated by Jess Bradley!

Age 6+

Honey's Hive

An exciting new series from New York Times bestseller Mo O’Hara, packed with bee facts and stunning illustrations by Aya Kakeda.

Age 4+